Coffee Brewing Class 2015

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

$ 50.00 

This product is currently sold out.

Attendees will learn basic coffee theory and apply it to manual coffee brewing using a number of brew devices. This is a chance to learn from one of Bow Truss's skilled barista educators, and use some of the same curricula that we use when training our own baristas.

Manual brewing covers a wide swath of brewing equipment, and attendees at this class will have access to many brew devices, including Hario V60, Chemex, French Press, and more!

Attendees must be able to safely consume caffeine, and must communicate any special needs (auditory, mobility, language fluency, etc.) before ordering. Email educators [at] bowtruss [dot] com with questions. Bow Truss strives to accommodate these needs, but must address any requests on a case-by-base basis.

Use the dropdown menu to choose the date and time you wish to attend class. Note that classes have an attendance cap, so sign up for the date and time you want before it sells out!

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